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Sell on Amazon to Realize Higher Margins

Diversify your Sales to the Amazon Marketplace

Experienced eBay sellers who sell on Amazon realize the benefits of the Amazon Marketplace. Most report higher profit margins on Amazon than on eBay. You must sell more on eBay than on Amazon to realize the same profit.

  • Amazon has no listing fees.
  • Amazon has higher average selling prices than eBay.
  • Amazon has lower total selling fees than eBay.
  • Amazon customer service effort is less than on eBay.

A big problem eBay sellers face is dealing with the constant changes eBay makes to the site. eBay sellers are always adjusting their selling stragegy. Amazon does not do this. Amazon highly values their merchant business.

Design Your Web Store Now - In about 20 minutes, create a web store maintained with all your eBay listings that automatically markets and promotes itself. No-Risk Pricing enables your web store to attain higher margins at reduced selling costs. No credit card required.

Get your Web Store Products onto Amazon Quickly

By utilizing the information already available on Amazon, your MailCar web store makes it easy to add Amazon Listing information to your web store products. You match your products with the same ones on Amazon and select:

  • Amazon Item Id
  • Amazon Item Id Type (ASIN, ISBN, UPC, EAN)
  • Price of Item on Amazon
  • Item Condition
  • Shipping Options
  • Additional Notes about the Item

The built-in Amazon Listing Maintenance tools allow you to choose the desired items you wish to list and then create the Amazon Inventory Loader File. This file is uploaded using an interface in your Amazon Pro Merchant seller account.

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