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Permission Based Email Marketing Builds Repeat Business

Make Additional Offers to all Customers Automatically

Order Confirmation and Payment Received transaction related email messages are automatically sent to all eBay and web store customers. Each email showcases products from your most important web store categories. Each product has links to your web store Product Listings.

Build a Permission Based Mailing List Automatically

Collecting and maintaining a permission based email list can be a real problem for eBay sellers. eBay does not allow you to gather email addresses through your eBay listings. So, your MailCar web store automatically maintains a permission based Opt-In email list for you.

  • A simple Opt-In procedure gives your customer the confidence that he is in control. The new subscriber can indicate how often you may send him newsletters and automatic product notices.
  • Each page of your MailCar web store has a link to a One-Step Subscribe form. Your customer enters his email address and indicates how often you may contact him. At checkout, your customer may subscribe simply by checking a box.
  • An Opt-Out link is always available in all email messages sent, as is a link to a privacy policy. The privacy policy give your customer confidence that his personal information will be protected.

Design Your Web Store Now - In about 20 minutes, create a web store maintained with all your eBay listings that automatically markets and promotes itself. No-Risk Pricing enables your web store to attain higher margins at reduced selling costs. No credit card required.

Connect to Your Customer with Newsletters and Product Notices

Email newsletters and notices provides a direct one to one connection to your customer with a built-in response mechanism. Recipients can click through to your web store products. Email newsletters are one of the most effective direct response tools available.

Consider these opportunies to engage your customer:

  • Special offers and coupons only available through your newsletter.
  • Contests to encourage participation.
  • Regular source of news and information about your business.
  • Time sensitive campaigns to clear merchandise or kick off a season.

Build Word of Mouth with Customer Referrals

Each newsletter allows recipients to refer a copy to a friend. Customer referrals are a low cost, word of mouth marketing method which:

  • Are read because they come from a friend or family member.
  • Increases your web store exposure and sales.
  • Can reward the sender with bonus points from the integrated customer rewards system.

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