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Monitor and Measure your Web Store Marketing Success

Understand Visitor Behavior

Web Store Traffic Summary reports are emailed to you each week. View activity summarized by month for the last twelve months. See a graph of MailCar Generated Traffic Sources including Google Base, Email Marketing and Cross-Sale Gallery referrals to your web store.

Your Web Store Traffic Summary report tabulates outbound Cross-Sale Gallery referrals to your eBay Listings that are associated with a sale. Referrals are totaled by count and dollar amount.

Google Analytics provide comprehensive Store Traffic Analysis. Understand store traffic sources and how customers use your store. Deep integration of Google Analytics with your web store is provided at no charge.

Measure the Effectiveness of Email Marketing Efforts

Every action your customer takes, from opening the email, clicking on a link or purchasing an item creates a valuable piece of information. These pieces are assembled into a view of your web store's marketing success in the Email Marketing Performance Report:

  • Total recipients, opens, store, text and image link click-throughs are tabulated.
  • Purchases are summarized by category.
  • Current year and prior year periods are compared side by side.
  • Ratios of total click throughs to number of recipients are graphed.
  • Membership activity shows new subscribers and Opt-Outs.

Design Your Web Store Now - In about 20 minutes, create a web store maintained with all your eBay listings that automatically markets and promotes itself. No-Risk Pricing enables your web store to attain higher margins at reduced selling costs. No credit card required.

Identify Your Best Customers

Customer value is quantified by measuring:

  • Recency - how recently did your customer purchase.
  • Frequency - how often does your customer purchase.
  • Monetary - how much has your customer purchased.

The weighted sum of these measures yields the RFM Score, a valuable indicator of customer importance. Using RFM, the Email Marketing Performance Report produces a ranked list of customers, the most important ones first. Reward your best customers with exclusive offers and specials.

Constantly Examine Customer Service Workload and Response Time

The email customer service Performance Analysis Report gives you the information you need to constantly improve your response time, look for problems and fix them before they cost you money and your customer.

A six week history of email volume and average response time is tracked. Colorful graphs highlight any problem areas.

All unanswered messages are grouped by age and listed. A link in each message takes you to the Webmail Compose Tool where you can use the powerful suggest button to quickly generate an answer.

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