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Highly Motivated Prospects Delivered for Free

Automatic Google Base and Site Map Submission

  • Google Product Search gives you Free, High Quality Traffic - Google Product Search is quickly becoming the largest shopping comparison site on the internet. Your web store products are automatically maintained on Google Product Search.
  • Web Store Site Map - A comprehensive site map of your web store is automatically maintained with Google and the other top search engines. Updated page links and XML sitemaps allow Google to better locate your listings. Your web store products receive higher priority in Google search results.
  • Free Comparison Shopping Engines - Your web store products are automatically maintained on and Bing Shopping, top comparison shopping sites that are completely free. Bing Shopping features new products only.
    • - over 9.1 million unique customers per month.
    • Bing Shopping - over 79.8 million unique searches per month.

  • Constant Search Engine Optimization - Important search engine data is automatically embedded in your web store pages based on listing titles and descriptions.

Twitter Delivers Highly Motivated and Targeted Prospects for Free

  • Automatic Twitter Tweet Search Identify Interested Prospects - Perpetual Twitter tweet search using your product category keywords identify and invite prospects to follow product class specific Twitter accounts.
  • Twitter Tweets Linking to Product Information Blogs Retain Prospects - Automatic tweets link to interesting product information articles. Blog articles contain relevant product images and embedded keywords that link directly to your web store product categories.

RSS Feeds Deliver Product Information Directly to your Customer

  • Product Listings RSS Feed Syndication - Feeds your listings to search engines, third-party web sites and other RSS subscribers. RSS Feeds are important because your customers are notified of new product arrivals. RSS feeds are automatically maintained.

Design Your Web Store Now - In about 20 minutes, create a web store maintained with all your eBay listings that automatically markets and promotes itself. No-Risk Pricing enables your web store to attain higher margins at reduced selling costs. No credit card required.

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