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Choose to append a Category Cross-Sale Gallery to your eBay Listings.
Gallery Application

Cross-Sale Gallery links to a special version of MailCar Web Store that complies with eBay linking policies.
Gallery Application
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Deliver eBay Customers to your Web Store

Automatically Cross-Sell Your eBay Items to Reduce Selling Fees

Choose to have a Cross-Sale Gallery automatically appended to each of your ebay Item Listings. This gallery Cross-Sells your other related eBay Listing Categories. Up to ten of your eBay Listing Categories are automatically selected for maximum relevance.

A Product Image is selected to represent each Listing Category. Each Product Image Link opens your MailCar Web Store in eBay mode, containing only your active eBay Category Listings. Links in the MailCar Web Store direct customers to other web store products not listed on eBay.

This customer delivery method is fully compliant with the eBay Photo Linking Policy.

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