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  "Treating returning customers like first time buyers is a terrible waste of money."
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Sell More using Automatic In-Store Promotions

Permission Based Email Marketing Invites Customers to Return

  • Automatic Mailing List Management - Each page of you store links to a simple, one-step Opt-In form. There is an unsubscribe link in all outbound email.
  • Reward Your Customers with Valuable Discount Coupons - Configure automatic coupon campaigns. You specify coupon value and expiration date. Your coupons are emailed to your web store mailing list subscribers and all your eBay customers.
  • Tell-A-Friend Product Information Emails - Store product listing pages allow your customers to send product information emails to their friends and family. Each email features a variety of products with links back to your store.
  • Templated Order Processing Emails Cross-Sell Items of Interest - All customers receive a set of order processing emails that showcase products from your most valuable categories. Each time you change the status of a customer order, automatically send an email with a different product sample.

Design Your Web Store Now - In about 20 minutes, create a web store maintained with all your eBay listings that automatically markets and promotes itself. No-Risk Pricing enables your web store to attain higher margins at reduced selling costs. No credit card required.

Use a Web Store Engineered to Persuade Customers to Purchase

The MailCar web store is carefully engineered to apply modern principles of persuasive architecture and user experience. The result is a customer friendly and highly productive web store.

  • Automatic Advanced Product Search - All standard and eBay Store categories you sell in are automatically maintained in your web store. Product counts are show for each category. When a category with more than 30 products is selected:
    • An inline pane appears showing search words from item titles ranked by product count.
    • Price ranges calculated from category products are displayed.
    • By selecting search words and a price range, products precisely matching your customer requirements are retrieved.
  • eBay Shipping Cost Data - By default, order shipping costs are automatically calculated using your eBay item shipping cost and discount data.
  • Sortable Product Galleries - All galleries allow your customer to select product order by title, model, weight, quantity on-hand or price and filter products by name or price range.
  • Create Product Specials by Category or Product - You may easily create special sales, indicating markdown price by percentage off, dollar off or dollar amount.
  • Four Product Images Per Listing - You may attach up to four product images for each listing. Using the built-in HTML editor, link to an unlimited number of images in the product description. eBay listing description shown at bottom of product information page.
  • Create Unlimited Number of Additional Store Pages You Design - Additional web pages are linked to page headers, footers and left sidebars. You can create a totally custom look to your store.
  • Gift Certificates Issued by PayPal - Your customer may purchase a gift certificate from any store page. PayPal handles all the work at no charge and gives your customer security and confidence in her purchase.
  • Inventory Counts Automatically Maintained for Store and eBay Sales - On-hand quantities are automatically maintained for items on sale in both your store and eBay.
  • Multiple Currencies - Store prices may be displayed in multiple currencies. Exchange rates are updated via the internet.
  • Shopping Cart Summary on Each Page - Once your customer places an item in the cart, a small summary of cart contents appears on each page.
  • Shipping Estimator on Shopping Cart - Customers can calculate total shipping costs before they check out. Builds confidence and encourages more purchases.
  • Secure Login, Account Management and Checkout - Secure, encrypted internet connections protect sensitive data.
  • Multiple Payment Methods
    • Authorize.Net - Accept Credit Cards directly in your Store.
    • Google Checkout - Accept Credit and Debit Cards.
    • Checks / Money Orders - Handle payments by check.
    • PayPal - Accept Credit, Debit Cards and PayPal payments.

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